ABB technology helps Wonder Cement to save over 1.8GWh energy annually


Wonder Cement has installed ABB’s ACS880-based SPRS solution for saving energy, at its manufacturing plant in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan. The plant has three production lines, with a capacity of producing 8mtpa of clinker.

The cement manufacturing process is complex, and companies usually opt for big slip ring induction motors to get high starting torque and to meet process requirements. The traditional method uses external rotor resistors and leads to heavy energy loss in the form of resistive heat dissipation. ABB’s ACS880 based SPRS solution plays a very important role in controlling the speed of slip ring motors and helps in achieving significant energy savings. The built-in energy calculators including used and saved kilowatt-hours, CO2 reduction, and money saved, help the customer to optimize manufacturing processes to ensure efficient energy use. The energy optimizer mode ensures maximum torque per ampere, reducing energy drawn from the supply.

“This project is indeed a great example of how we are one of the most trusted partners for customers when it comes to energy efficiency. From the cement sector to food & beverages, and pharmaceuticals, we have constantly promoted technologies that help in driving our carbon-neutral future. Our solutions are helping businesses across India to cut energy expenses and decarbonize their operations, “said Sanjeev Arora, president, motion business area, ABB India.

With the help of SPRS, Wonder Cement saved 1.8 GWh-2.0 GWh energy annually, which is equivalent to the energy consumed by over 9,000 houses per month.

The SPRS is equipped with the ABB Ability Condition Monitoring solution, which helps Wonder Cement to monitor and measure key parameters like humidity, temperature, pressure, current, and fault events. The automatic alerts feature helps the customer to take corrective actions in the early stage to avoid possible tripping. The Bluetooth panel facilitates easy connectivity to mobile devices and helps the manufacturer to have a simple, easy-to-use approach for monitoring historical trends, control speed, and start-stop operation, and access drive information to support commissioning, servicing, and reporting.

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